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Confirmed for Action at Resurrection – The Freakshow!

The reigning KOW Tag Team Champions Will Carter and Nightmare, better known as The Freakshow will return to in-ring action on November 13th at Resurrection and these two unstable characters are sure to be even crazier than normal after such an extended period of inactivity!

In addition to being the top Tag Team in KOW, Carter and Nightmare are both highly decorated singles stars, with Carter being a former Showcase Champion and Nightmare being a two time former KOW Champion and Road to Gold Tournament Winner, but for all these accomplishments as individuals, they work even better as a team. The two long-time friends and training partners came together as an official Tag Team at Aftershock back in 2019 where they defeated the duo of Big Guns Joe and Isaiah Quinn to become #1 Contenders for the Tag Team Championships. The two would receive their title shot at the Seventh Anniversary Show, defeating the dominant Underclass duo of Dekker and Jax after an epic encounter to start their first reign atop the Tag Team Division in KOW!

The Freakshow have been unable to defend their titles since 2019, but now the time has finally come for them to crawl out of their dark sanctuary and once again run rampant in KOW at Resurrection live from Cloud Nine and The Lounge on November 13th, but will it be as singles stars or a team? You’ll just have to wait to find out!

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